Growing up by giving back.

REACH is committed to helping young people in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC metro area improve their life skills through community service.


What We Do

Growing up by giving back

REACH is committed to helping young people in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC metro area to build character, gain self-respect and improve their life skills by giving service to challenged communities and people throughout our area.

Community Service

At the heart of every REACH program is our core value – personal growth through community service. REACH believes community service provides lessons to build character, instill self-respect and teach critical life skills to all of our students.

Boys/Gals Mentoring

REACH students and volunteers offer mentoring and guidance programs to support the education and life goals of young people from at-risk circumstances.

Helping the Homeless

REACH participants and volunteers provide lunch service at a Virginia homeless shelter on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

After School Child Care Programs

After the Garfield Terrace public housing facility lost DC city funding for after-school and summer programs, REACH stepped in to support affected families. By establishing a project-based community center, REACH students have helped to care for, mentor and help to teach young people living in Garfield.

Sports Programs

REACH supports a mentorship program aimed at making extracurricular activities such as football, cheerleading and basketball accessible to in challenged neighborhoods. REACH student provide coaching and leadership for children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in after-school and weekend sports activities.

Soccer Camp

Camp AJ is a week long, free soccer camp that is held in memory of much-loved REACH student Alhaji “AJ” Hassann.

Job Training & Education Workshops

REACH graduates and volunteers help to equip high school and college students to seek and enter career employment with positive attitudes and powerful work-maturity skills. 


The REACH program regularly awards scholarships to deserving students as they enter college. All REACH students are invited to apply.


Internships provide REACH students the opportunity for a successful transition from school to work. Internships provide potent lessons regarding workplace culture and expectations. When students can make a successful transition from school to work, it’s good for all of us–our society, our economy, our workplaces and, most of all, our youth.