Garfield Terrace is a public housing facility located in Washington D.C. In 2013, Garfield lost its city funding used to provide project’s youngest residents with after-school and summer programs.  Residents of Garfield Terrace asked REACH for help. Our program responded immediately. REACH has supported the families at Garfield for the past 5 years with several programs:

  • After-School Care and Tutoring (year-round) for students from age 5 to 16. This program is run by REACH college students, REACH program graduates and REACH volunteers.
  • Summer Camp Programs for students from age 5 to 13. The Summer Camp program provides sports, art, entertainment and other activities for Garfield kids throughout the entire summer school break..
  • Year-round Mentoring for middle school aged girls (GALS Program) and boys (Boys Mentoring Program) to help build confidence and teach the importance of giving back to the community.

Without REACH, many of the kids who live at Garfield Terrace would have nowhere to go after school. All programs at Garfield Terrace are designed to engage Garfield students, provide mentors, boost self-esteem, and support students in their education and life goals.