REACH regularly provides internships in businesses and other organizations operating in the DMV for students that successfully complete the Job Training and Education Program. Internships expose REACH students to a variety of possible career options, instill confidence, and provide the opportunity to build a network of strong references. When students make a successful transition from school to work it’s good for all of us – our society, our economy, our workplaces and, most of all, our youth.

Win the last few years, more than 25 corporations and non-profit organizations have provided senior REACH student with 8-week summer internships. REACH continues to reach out to locate and work with a wide array of businesses and nonprofits to determine their intern needs and match them with a student intern.

REACH internships:

  • Help students to hone their resumes and interviewing skills.
  • Place students in a position to excel and advance in their chosen careers by providing authentic work experiences

Combining the internship experience with a strong community service element provides REACH students a unique set of skills.  It prepares them for the rigors of academia and the professional world. The knowledge gained form the combination of experiences can also be a valuable tool in helping students to deal with the challenges faced in personal and family relationships and other experiences outside the workplace. In short, it allows our students to REACH for the stars.

Summer Professional Development Series

REACH also seeks to support summer interns through a series of Professional Development Sessions that engage local professionals to help students take full advantage of their internships and to develop work habits that will aid in their future employment.

Summer Professional Development topics have included:

  • Leveraging internships to identify and enhance career opportunities
  • Lessons to help in developing effective business communication skills
  • Career planning