The REACH Job Training and Education Program for high school and college students teaches problem solving, teamwork, creativity, and other important career skills. The Job Training & Education workshops are designed to better equip the students to enter employment with proper positive attitudes and potent work-maturity skills. These skills also serve to improve students’ personal growth and productivity as they work to serve REACH communities.

 From January through June, REACH and its distinguished groups of professionals and volunteers conduct workshops for high school and college participants (more than 60 students participate in the training sessions each year).

Workshops are designed to help students:

  • prepare for community service, summer internships, and future employment.
  • prepare and utilize skills such as teamwork and collaboration, presentation skills, effective communication, and creativity to solve problems in the workplace, in the community and in their own lives.
  • develop, test and evaluate necessary skills for leaderships, career planning and development, business integrity and etiquette, resume writing, and successful interviewing.

As part of the training, students (individually or in groups) must plan, execute, and present a Service Project. Through the development/implementation of a Service Project, REACH participants learn leadership skills while changing lives of deprived people in local communities.