The Capital Area REACH Program (“REACH”) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is committed to helping young people in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC metropolitan area become successful in school, work, and the community.  For more than 15 years, with the care and devotion many caring adult volunteers and employers, the REACH Program has achieved this goal through on guiding principle – growing up by giving back.

REACH believes that community service instilled character and heightens self-respect while teaching students the critical life skills they need in order to succeed—including organization, perseverance, timeliness, and creativity.

REACH offers middle, high school, and college students a wide variety of programs, including community service activities, job training, internships, mentoring, tutoring, and scholarships.  REACH does not recruit students. Students learn about the program through their peers.  Students come to our program because they see the positive impact it provides in the lives of their friends. In many, many cases, they want to join and become part of what they have witnessed. They want to improve their own lives. 

REACH does not impose any limitations on who can participate– we provide an opportunity to all middle, high school, and college students who wish to become involved in their community and dedicate themselves in pursuit of the opportunity.

Many of of the 250 REACH students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and many are first generation Americans. Some are recent immigrants.  Regardless of their background and where they circumstances, all of our students commit themselves to pursuing a better tomorrow through education and community service.  Man of our students have faced major challenges, in many aspects of their lives, including separation from families, illness, difficulties in school and financial crisis. 

Without REACH, many of these students might fall victim to their problems challenges –never finishing school, getting meaningful work, or making a contribution to society or the lives of others.

REACH is blessed with more than 100 active volunteers who provide the work, resources and charity that ensure our programs provide the most meaningful experience for our students and the communities that we seek to serve. 

The REACH Program helps young people:

  • Mature personally and gain life skills trough commitment to their communities;
  • Increase job-related competencies through instruction, activities, and work experiences;
  • Learn about career possibilities; and
  • Find and secure meaningful career opportunities.

To accomplish these goals, the REACH Program provides students with substantive opportunities to:

  • Grow personally, emotionally, and academically;
  • Contribute to the community through service;
  • Develop personal relationships with caring adults; and
  • Work and succeed in meaningful and fulfilling careers